What Spanish wine is suitable for Thai and Vietnamese cuisine?

Over the past twenty years, a stable opinion has been formed that red Spanish wine is similar to meat, and white Spanish wine to fish. Today we want to discuss with you the fact that Spanish wine is combined not only with traditional European cuisine, but it will also be a very interesting solution if you want to try the cuisine of our Asian neighbors.

Why Spanish wine and Thai or Vietnamese cuisine?

As the practice of recent decades shows, the traditional cuisine of these Asian countries is beginning to actively penetrate the territory of Europe. This is happening not only by attracting foreign specialists from these countries, but also because of cultural exchange. European tourists visit Asian countries, taste local cuisine and bring their impressions. After some time, representatives of Thailand and Vietnam visit European countries and also try local cuisine. But it’s not just the food that attracts attention. People are characterized by curiosity and love for experiments. This leads to the fact that new cafes and restaurants dedicated to Asian cuisine are emerging on the territory of European countries.

The local population, of course, also contributes to the development of this new direction, which leads to the fact that Spanish wine appears in these restaurants.

Let’s look at what is perfect from the wine in our wine shop, if you want to try Thai or Vietnamese cuisine in combination with wine that you want to buy in ““.

Spanish wine and Thai cuisine.

For example, take the good old tom yam. Surely many people are well aware that it is created on the basis of coconut milk, lemongrass and, of course, seafood. We believe that this wine will be perfect for him. Thais have long understood for themselves that Europeans prefer not too spicy dishes, so this Spanish wine will be an excellent addition to the traditional tom yam. It is only important to inform that the soup should not be made too spicy. It is optimal to choose a Spanish wine with a low degree, so that it is light enough and does not create an additional effect of sharpness in combination with spices.

The next traditional Thai dish, of course, is noodles. The process of its preparation is based on the use of fish or beef broth. Traditionally, various vegetables are added, all this is flavored with pepper. Sometimes meat is added to the noodles, depending on the region in which it is usually prepared. It can be: chicken, beef or pork. Of course, before serving the dish, they may suggest adding sweet and sour sauce. We would recommend that you choose a wine with bright floral and fruity aromas for yourself in this case. When choosing a particular wine in our wine library, you can consult with a specialist.

Spanish wine and Vietnamese cuisine.

The most famous Vietnamese dish at the moment is considered to be pho bo soup. It is made from rice noodles, chicken pieces are added, lime juice is poured liberally and various types of greens are added. The dish turns out to be extremely juicy, appetizing and high-calorie. It is quite difficult for us to advise you on a certain wine from our wine library, but we would advise you to pay attention to Spanish rose wines.

As for the traditional meat dishes that the Vietnamese make incredibly juicy and appetizing, here we would recommend turning your attention to Italian wines after all. They are traditionally recognized by experts of Asian cuisine as optimal for serving meat, due to the fact that they differ in a certain softness.

Of course, all the wine must be served chilled. This will enhance the taste sensations at lunch or dinner. Do not forget that Thais and Vietnamese can simply forget that you asked not to add too many spicy seasonings to the food. There may be an unpleasant situation, which at some point will be perfectly closed by a glass of white or pink chilled Spanish wine.

Before choosing a particular dish of Thai or Vietnamese cuisine, please consult with specialists ““.

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