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The history of olive oil

The history of olive oil, of course, is connected with the olive trees and the olives from which it is produced. As we have already written on the website, historically, olive oil is most popular in the Mediterranean. And it was through him that it began to spread throughout the world. Spain is by far the world’s largest exporter.

At the moment, olive oil is widespread all over the world, but as the practice of restaurants shows, it is not used so often in everyday life. It all depends on the country in which it is used. In some countries, it is more popular, in some, respectively, less so. If on the territory of a certain country the population is used to sunflower oil, then olive oil is used for cooking to a lesser extent. Or it is used for some special recipes.

What are the commercial varieties of olive oil?

There are three types of olive oils today. Let’s look at each of them separately to have a complete picture of this product.

Natural olive oil. The one that was created exclusively with the use of physical methods of purification without the use of chemistry.

Refined or refined olive oil implies a method in which chemical and physical work is used. In this case, the olive oil has a less strong taste and is considered lower in quality.

Olive oil cake is obtained from spinach. It is created by chemical and heat treatment and, of course, is the lowest quality of all.

How should I consume olive oil?

Of course, you should be careful with olive oil and use it within reasonable limits. Scientists have noticed that if you follow a Mediterranean diet, which, of course, includes olive oil, then the risk of heart disease is significantly reduced. But, of course, as mentioned above, you need to stick to a diet in this case. If you consume olive oil in unlimited doses, it can lead to unpleasant health consequences. Everything needs a measure.

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