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Where is the best place to buy jamon?

Historically, jamon is produced in Spain. It is best to buy jamon there, if you are going there on a business trip, on vacation or just exploring the world around you. But, as practice shows, and especially the events of 2020, to buy jamon in modern conditions, you need to put a lot of effort. The borders of the states are closed and it becomes very difficult to get to Spain.

Of course, in order for you to buy jamon, we agree in advance with Spanish suppliers about its supply. We want to have it always available and our regular customers, that is, you, have access to it. To buy jamon through our website is not something difficult and not feasible. With us, you can always find something rare that other suppliers do not have. We go to meet our customers, both old and new, and are ready to order and bring you very unusual types of jamon.

On this page on the left, you will find useful and interesting articles about jamon. We try to find interesting and useful information, thus, we increase our intellectual level. We are getting better and we want you to also learn something new and interesting with our help.

How do they make jamon?

As soon as the manufacturer receives the hind legs of the pig, he immediately covers them with a large amount of salt. This is necessary in order to speed up the process of dehydration of meat as much as possible. The duration of the process depends on each individual region. In addition, of course, the weight of the leg is taken into account. As practice shows, about 1 day per 1 kilogram of meat.

This drying process takes from 6 to 36 months. In this case, as mentioned above, everything depends on the region and its climatic conditions. The maximum impregnation is necessary in order for the jamon to turn out to be of excellent quality. The process begins either in late winter or early spring so that the process is gradually completed by the end of summer. In fact, this is only the first stage.

After the process with salt is finished, the future jamon is moved to closed rooms. The temperature regime in them should be no more than 8-10 degrees. The meat is kept indoors for about 8-12 months. Thus, it is sluggish. And, accordingly, gradually begins to acquire a characteristic structure6 taste and aroma.

After the pig’s legs have reached a certain condition, they are sent to hang in special cellars, previously distributed by weight and state of readiness.
At the last stage, when the jamon should already be completely ready, a specialist comes to measure the quality and maturity. For this purpose, a special needle made of cow or horse bone is used. The specialist pierces her jamon several times to get a characteristic smell and if everything is ready, it can be consumed.

You can buy jamon from us!

In order to enjoy real Spanish, Italian or any other wine, we recommend serving delicacies with it. One can exist without the other, but why, if you can combine it and get even more fun. You can buy jamon through our online store “Vinoteka Don Quixote”. We have very nice prices for our customers. We plan to hold various events. Not just promotions or tastings of new wine varieties.

At these events, you will be able to try and buy the jamon that you like the most. Below on this page will soon be located products from the Jamon line. We are now actively negotiating with the Spanish provinces.

Choose the best of the best to buy jamon from them and put it on your table. It will be very valuable for us if you leave your feedback on the pages of this site and share a link to it in your social networks. Your feedback on the site will help our other customers choose.

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