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What do we know about cheese?

Cheese is one of the oldest products on earth. It is known for certain that cheese began to be made long before the written history of mankind. Scientists are inclined to believe that the beginning of cheese production began around 8,000 years BC. At that time, humanity just began to domesticate sheep.

There is irrefutable evidence that when creating cheese, enzymes were used that were extracted from the stomach of animals. The exact place of origin of cheesemaking can not be called with certainty. Since ancient times, mankind has been using animal skins and their internal organs for their needs. Most likely, the cheese was created completely by accident, when milk was poured into the stomach of some animal.

In it, it reacted with enzymes and so the first cheese turned out. It is known for certain that cheese appeared much earlier than wine. The process of making cheese was at that time a very complex process, it is not surprising that it migrated from Greece to Rome, where it was enjoyed by the aristocrats, after which it began to actively spread throughout the future Europe.

How is cheese made?

The process of making cheese has not changed much over the centuries. It looks something like this: milk is prepared, rennet is used, cheese mass is collected, filtered, heated, salted. Each nation has its own methods of creating cheese. For example, some cheeses have mold or bacteria added to them. Above, we described the general technology of cheese production. Of course, each nation has its own process of creating cheese.

And they are very different from each other in terms of prescription. The names of cheeses often appear either by the name of the area where it first appeared, or by the name of the person who came up with the technology of creation. Interesting, for example, is the fact that some cheeses are subject to registration.

They are assigned a special mark about the area in which they were produced. Such certificates guarantee that a particular cheese was produced in a particular area using certain technologies.

What can we tell you about cheese?

Since there are a huge number of cheeses, it is not surprising that over time, myths and legends began to appear about the origin of a particular type of cheese. The most famous of them is that a shepherd waited out a thunderstorm at night in a cave and left a piece of cheese there. A few months later, he returned to the site and found a cheese with mold. After tasting it, he was struck by the unusual taste. Since then, the history of creating cheese with mold began.

The number of types of cheeses today is incredibly large. In almost every country in the world, there is not a single cheese factory that is proud of its products and carefully protects the recipe for creating cheese. Some nations believe that cheese is part of their culture and specialize exclusively in its production.

In the articles on the site, we will try to tell you about what cheeses exist. Where you can buy cheese and taste it. We also plan to introduce you to which cheese is best suited to wine and why. Subscribe to our website “Vinoteka Don Quixote ” in social networks and be aware of interesting and curious facts about wine and cheese.

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